What is Princess about…?

  • Curriculum design
  • Evaluation of training
  • Assessment design
  • Program management
  • Technical writing

Working with Princess was quite an experience! She was full of energy and appropriate ideas to assist the students in the Intensive English Program at American Language Academy. She is a gifted and enthusiastic educator. Any school would love to have her work for them.

John Staley, Owner, Staley Services

I’m available for both team and individual projects.

I worked with Princess at two different companies. Princess is always organized and well-prepared for each class. She sets exceptionally high standards and expectations for every student in each of her classes, and provides them with clear, written objectives on the first day of each class. She is bright, articulate, and hard working. Her enthusiasm for the job comes through in all she does.

Nour Azim, IT Manager, International Technical College in Qatief

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