What is Princess up to…?

I love meeting new people and making matches, professionally and personally (I’m 3-0!). In other words, I’m into solutions.

I love focusing on the future and imagining what could be and how it could be. I’m into solid processes.

An anthropologist at heart, I love the complexities of life and human relationships — no bones about it! (Seriously: There are no bones because I’m an anthropologist, not a paleontologist).

Check out the instructional tools and solutions I’ve been working on!

  • ID Process: Storyboarding
    The last time I wrote about storyboarding, I talked about what is it, why it’s necessary, and how I was going about it for a client. I discussed how it helped me as a designer and the limitations it exposed on my direction for development in the process. I enjoy and appreciate the storyboarding process, …

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  • Client Feedback
    See what folks been sayin ’bout me!
  • Building in Rise 360: CNA Training
    Articulate’s Rise 360 is a quick authoring tool that has just enough interactivity to be useful while keeping customization at a minimum. It’s very much Storyline Extra-Lite, with an emphasis on text-based learning, plug-n-play interactions, and smooth transitions and interfaces. What I might like to add to this in the future: Narration Another video, but …

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  • Building in Twine: Non-profit Conversation
    One of the The Most Talked About training elements among instructional designers is branched scenarios, a type of role playing where your choices result in a particular outcome. You know: “choose your own adventure!” Most of us learned content and skills in a linear fashion, where deviation was not built in, or frowned upon. We …

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  • ID Process: Storyboarding
    No shade to OSU’s Instructional Design Certification intended, but I think they missed out by not including how to properly storyboard e-learning. Screenshot of storyboarding slide in Google Slides, containing a table and images of “unhealthy” habits, and special instructions to the video development team, with the script for the scene Back when I was …

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  • Beauty and the Beast
    Thank you for your patience! It’s been four months since my last post. And what a four months it has been! I earned a 3-month contract with a learning experience design company out of Washington state to work with, what, the 4th largest company (by market capitalization) in the world! So that was exciting. The …

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