Learner Engagement: Live on Twitter

I first tried this on Instagram, but my settings or a glitch did not allow me to save my story. Still I have some ideas/feedback about using IG to live stream in an instructional environment. The fact that it’s 100% on your mobile could prove difficult in terms of cinematography. If you’re stationary at a desk, fine, but what if you want to do what I’m doing? Students might get seasick. I like the idea of using it as any variation of a Q&A session. Teachers could have a specific account where they have weekly live streams where they answer questions. Also, students could share an account where they take turns live streaming some content to their peers. Third, the deleting after 24 hours is problematic, and I’m sure educators would want to keep their videos. Finally, I think teachers and students could really have a great time sharing and showcasing on IG.

What I did end up using that I can share with you all is Twitter. To get to your live Twitter streaming, click on the “new tweet” icon, click on the camera icon and then scroll to the right to click on LIVE. After Twitter establishes a connection, click “Go LIVE”.

I have similar thoughts on this platform as I do for IG. Students are already on the platform and it’s just a matter of engaging them. But sharing the video was a lot easier than IG.

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