Building in PowerPoint: Interactive Sales Training

I was super excited to do this sample for a potential client, which showcases my storytelling, creativity, simplicity and relatability. This was my first time making slides with triggers. Triggers are clicks that animate the slide. Unfortunately, Mac doesn’t support this feature (huge, bummer!) in PPT, but luckily I had my work laptop on hand. (Whoever heard of an HP coming to the rescue?) I provided two chances to interact with the presentation, where I ask questions and the user clicks the answers before moving on.

Storytelling was also important to the client. I don’t blame them. Storytelling is the oldest form of teaching, and it creates cultural and social cohesion that many companies are after nowadays. The story is simple and relatable, entertaining enough to be remembered and complex enough to make sense in the training context.

They also requested some type of visualization of the training. Here, I could have gone fancier with more descriptive graphics and more uniformity. It’s almost too simple. However, it does get the job done. It summarizes what the user should have understood, and could, if tidied up and printed out, be a job aid to hang in the office.

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