Building in Storyline 360: CNA Training

How do you get yourself out of a dev funk? Watch a Tim Slade video!

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At the risk of beating this old CNA content horse to death, I decided to simplify and execute the most straightforward tiny course possible. Often, my brain wants to include it (content) all at the expense of doing anything. Tim’s video forced me to just sit down and hammer something out. So I did, and it’s a decent start.

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Let me be the first to admit that any and all aesthetic design finesse I ever had left me once I earned college credit for art in high school. 😂 It was like, “Here’s 3 credit hours. kthxbi.” But here’s something you don’t hear from IDs who go on about designing for SL: SO MANY companies ALREADY have design templates, so it is more a matter of you adapting them to SL. They have the color palettes, the iconography, style guides, and a ton of compliant PPTs that likely have the same elements you’re being tasked with building.

THAT SAID, of course I’m taking the time to learn more about layout design and UX/UI, because I still want to understand how to fit elements together for the best learner experience.

Overall, this was a super simple project that utilizes the basic functions of SL. Here’s to breaking my funk!